Chinese for Service Career Program

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To strive to produce graduates who have knowledge and communication skills of Chinese and English languages, apply technology to service careers, have virtue, have personality following Suan Dusit characters, have service mind, and understand multicultural societies.
The development of the nation must focus on the development and upgrading of people in all dimensions and at all ages to become good, competent and quality humans who drive the country’s development with their full potential including the 21st-century skills, communication skills in English and a third language, lifelong self-improvement, developing a highly skilled Thai citizens, having individual entrepreneurship, and having work and life skills in order to enter the labor market. Therefore, it is necessary to create an outstanding curriculum with an emphasis on cross-disciplinarity between service knowledge and essential foreign language skills including an opportunity to learn and practice Chinese language skills in the native Chinese-speaking country. It aims to enhance the learners’ expertise relating to the identity of human development according to the needs of the country and promote the country’s strengths correlating to higher education standards and Suan Dusit University Strategic Plan that focuses on strengthening the curriculum in order to rise competitiveness and produce graduates who are equipped with skills serving the future world and good citizenship. Additionally, the economy of Thailand should drive by the creative service sector. It should begin with human development which is the heart of the service sector. There should be a preparation for persons equipped with skills serving labor market’s needs, especially language skills and changes in technology. Furthermore, there is an involvement in the student development strategy of the Ministry of Higher Education that promotes the development of life skills (Soft Skills) integrated with cognitive skills (Hard Skills). Therefore, it is a vital mission to create a new curriculum that focuses on learning foreign languages so that learners can use them as a tool to broaden horizons and help understand multicultural societies or social diversities more by integrating the expertise in languages with life skills, especially communication skills and working together as well as having an understanding of social and cultural impacts and being able to adapt themselves to changes accordingly and appropriately.
Curriculum objectives
1. Have Chinese and English language communication skills in service careers.
2. Have service mind in service occupations and a good attitude at work.
3. Have social skills, understand differences of multicultural societies, and be well adapted to work.
4. Be able to think, analyze, and solve problems in service careers.
5. Be able to use technology in service careers.
6. Have global modern personality and good manners.