Industrial and Organizational Psychology Program

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Graduates have knowledge, morality, ethics, thinking skills, communication, leadership, and teamwork; using and development of psychological tools, application of innovation and technology; counseling and adjustment in lifestyle and work in both urban and local industrial sectors
Industrial sectors, both urban and local, must be driven by high-productivity, competencies of workers with their works and able to live happily. However, because of the working style and social conditions that are different from the original making people’s lifestyle behaviors change. As a result, physical and mental health problems of people in society. For this reason, Bachelor of Arts Program in Industrial and Organizational Psychology is necessary to produce the graduates to be able to pursue careers in industrial and organizational psychology in accordance with the industrial needs and community by applying and designing innovation and information technology thinking, communication, leadership and teamwork skills, using and development of psychological tools for analyzing behavior, able to adapt to life emotional, maturity, understand oneself and others, to be able to solve in living and working in order to keep up with the changes in society and the economy, and in line with the national strategy and guidelines for the strategic of higher education institutions of Suan Dusit University.
Curriculum objectives
Bachelor of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology aims mainly at producing graduates with:
1. knowledge of psychology, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and related sciences.
2. skills in thinking, communication, leadership and teamwork.
3. ability to use and develop psychological tools for analyzing human behavior or develop research in industrial and organizational psychology.
4. ability to apply and design innovations and information technology related to industrial and organizational psychology.
5. ability to provide counseling and adjustment in lifestyles and works in both urban and local industrial sectors.
6. emotional maturity for working with morality and ethics according to professional ethics in psychology.