English Program

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The English Program offers undergraduate degree in English focusing on communicative and literacy studies of the English language: linguistics, literature, translation, and English used for specific purposes. Students are taught to develop their critical thinking skills, be able to integrate the knowledge of the English language, acquire digital literacy skills for their future professions and for lifelong learning, as well as to become well-grounded in virtue and morality.
The English language is regarded as the language of business, trade, and the Internet, hence, it is recognized as a global language. As business and trade expand, and countries become more connected with one another through the Internet, it is all the more essential to be knowledgeable of the language that can help achieve success. Job and career options abound both locally and internationally. Traveling is convenient as it can help with communicating with other people easily. Moreover, academic achievement is well within reach with educational choices that go beyond the confines of one’s own country. Knowing how to communicate in English awards a person greater opportunities and better choices for their lives, careers, and both personal and academic fulfillment.
Curriculum objectives
The Curriculum of English Language strongly aims to craft graduates with
1. Knowledge and proficiency of English language in order to communicate both academically and professionally.
2. Capability to integrate knowledge of linguistics, literatures, translation, as well as English for specific purposes to pursue work and further education.
3. Capability to analyze and synthesize particularly knowledge of English language, and utilize technologies for work and life-long learning.
4. Moral, ethic, and public-mind in order to apply the received knowledge to develop one’s self as well as society.